Onyx WordPress site importer

We offer a number of ways to get your WordPress sites up and running in Onyx.

This guide walks you through importing a WordPress site in to an existing Onyx WordPress site. This will import all files and the WordPress database.

We have a separate guide on using the KARMA Onyx export tool which can export WordPress sites from cPanel in to new Onyx sites.

In order to complete this process SSH needs to be enabled on the source server.

This process does not migrate mailboxes. You can use our KARMA Import Email tool to sync mailboxes (external link to Krystal guide opens in a new window).
Importing a site will overwrite the existing Onyx site.
  1. From within your Onyx Portal click Manage on the site you'd like to import into.
  2. From the sites Dashboard select Settings > Import from the left hand menu.
  3. If you are able to add the displayed Onyx SSH key to your source servers authorized_keys you won't need to enter the Password field in the following screen.
  4. Complete the following details:
    Maintenance page - select to either enable Maintenance Mode on the source site (Yes) or leave it running as normal (No).
    Hostname - enter the source server hostname.
    Port - enter the source servers SSH port.
    Username - enter the SSH login username.
    Password - enter the SSH login password (leave blank if you have authorised the Onyx SSH key on the source server).
    Path - enter the path to the sites public web root (docroot).
  5. Click Start import to continue. Once the progress bar shows complete your site imported is finished.

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