Re-installing the default plugins and other Onyx tools

Onyx has three tools available;

  • Re-install default plugins
  • Restart PHP
  • Regenerate wp-config.php file

This article runs through each of those tools and their uses..

Accessing Onyx Tools

  1. You'll need to start by logging in to your Onyx dashboard.
  2. From your Onyx dashboard, click the Manage button for the site you'd like to access.
  3. From the 'Settings' dropdown on the left click 'Tools'

Re-install default plug-ins

For new WordPress sites created via the Onyx dashboard we pre-install the LiteSpeed caching plug-in that handles both file and database (Redis) caching*.

If you have migrated your site to Onyx from elsewhere it's likely these plug-ins won't be installed. If you should find these plug-ins missing from your site they can be re-installed from within the Onyx dashboard. Simply click the 'Re-install default plug-ins' button.

* If you are on the Pro plan or above and you have the CDN enabled, you will also see an 'Onyx CDN' plug-in installed. If this should be removed, or not present and CDN is enabled for the site then it too will be re-installed along with the LiteSpeed plug-in.

Restart PHP

If you've made changes to PHP configuration using a .user.ini file, you may wish to restart PHP to ensure changes are applied immediately. Simply click 'Restart PHP' to restart the PHP handler.

Regenerate wp-config.php file

If you've made changes to or lost your wp-config.php file, you can regenerate a fresh one with our default settings. Simply click 'Regenerate wp-config.php' to recreate the default wp-config.php

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