Creating a clone of a live site

There are several options for making copies of your sites. This guide covers cloning a live site - making a completely separate copy of a site that'll run on a different URL.

We have other guides on creating a clone directly from a site backup or creating a stating site (where any changes you make can be pushed back to the live site).

The Clone option for a live site can be found within the site dashboard under Settings > Tools

Enter the required detail:

Please choose a name for your cloned site? - Give the site a suitable name

Please choose a subdomain for your cloned site? - this will appear at the start of your new sites URL

Would you like to restrict access to this clone? - choose either No - Make the cloned site public or Yes - Require a password to view the site.

If you selected Yes - Require a password to view the site you'll need to follow our guide to create authorised users.

Click Create a clone when you've entered all the details and you new cloned site will be created.

Clone copies count towards your Onyx site limit.

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